martes, 22 de enero de 2008

Heavenly Pop Hits

My rock & roll friends might be surprised by this, but I absolutely love these two videos from Portugal's Madredeus. Hint: play the song at the top ("O Pastor") for a slightly more ethereal listening experience or the one at the bottom ("Alfama") for a bumpier ride back into the black and white film era of beautiful cabaret singers in exotic locales.

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  1. Can't be "Pop Hits" as I have been introduced to this group by Joan:-) I like them, don't know if anyone has ever heard of them in Finland but there are so many others nobody ever heard of over here and vice versa. Occitania as a name I only knew a year ago, for example. Now I am a fan of all this, only too old now to learn anything properly. Going to Alfama in May. I also like fados. Finns have got the same longing for to be somewhere else.. And to Wikipedia now..