sábado, 1 de abril de 2023

Gli italiani


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  1. Nice stack!

    I've heard from friends who've read the Ferrante in Italian (two, both non-native speakers though their Italian is better than mine) that the Ferrante is actually pretty readable, and you don't have to be a wizard with Neapolitan dialect to read it. I've only read it in English, but one of these days. If you gave it a shot I'd be curious.

    I think that's the Penman translation of the The Betrothed. I much preferred the Colquhon, FWIW.

    And where's the Calvino?! ;-)

    1. Thanks! I don't remember the Ferrante being all that difficult, but I've now stalled on it twice due to laziness & impatience (i.e. too much vocab to look up to make headway) as much as my rudimentary Italian. I'll have to try again one of these days. No Calvino here because these are all TBR books only and I cut back on buying Italian authors for a while until I read what I already had (I have another shelf or so in translation and a Moravia in Italian that I just realized I've misplaced, ugh). Cheers.