jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

April Shared Read: Life A User's Manual

Just a quick post to mention that my "non-structured reading group" cohorts Claire, Emily, Frances, Sarah, and I will be reading Georges Perec's celebrated 1978 novel Life A User's Manual [originally published in French as La Vie mode d'emploi] in April as part of our monthly shared read program for 2010.  Any and all are welcome to join in, with the discussion slated to take place on participating blogs on Friday, 4/30.  Will refer those interested in a quick introduction to the work to the U.S. publisher's website here and direct those interested in a more studious appraisal of the novel, a Three Percent review which also includes a brief overview of Perec's career, here.  Won't say too much more at this point other than that the little I've read of Life A User's Manual so far combines a dizzying storytelling virtuosity with a prankish sense of humor.  Am beginning to understand why Caravana fave Roberto Bolaño often hailed it as one of his favorite novels, but those interested in a more middlebrow seal of approval should note that Life A User's Manual is also included on that sketchy 1,001 Books to Read Before You Die list so beloved by lemmings everywhere.  Anyway, hope you can join us!

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  1. Frances often says you crack her up but may I steal the phrase and say you crack me up? (with matching lemming grin)

  2. "middlebrow seal of approval"

    "beloved by lemmings everywhere"

    How about "Read if you dare, half wit?" You are cracking me up today. Two posts with undisguised FO content. Let me think really quick of some other people you can offend before the sun sets. It's been a couple of weeks since you went off on all those YA and kiddie book readers. How about them?

    Have decided to start writing posts like yours. All the politeness is killing me.

  3. Perec is VERY much reminding me of Bolaño thus far. I can definitely see the influence. BTW, did you see Julia's pastiche post of the opening chapters? I thought she got Perec's tone quite well - seems fun to have a go myself!

    PS - That list IS sketchy. I concur.

  4. *Claire: Thanks, my friend, but you cracked me up with that bit about the "matching lemming grin"! You and Frances are a riot!

    *Frances: Ha ha, thanks for the suggestion--I'll have to save "Read if you dare, half wit" for another post when I feel less "welcoming" than I apparently did yesterday! In the meantime, I'm still laughing about your "undisguised FO content" line and your generous offer to help me think up some other people to offend. You're a true pal indeed!

    *Emily: I did see Julia's post and enjoyed it, but am running behind on my comments I'm afraid. Glad you see the Bolaño/Perec similarities too as I thought that was something the old 2666 readalong group peeps might get a kick out of (i.e. I'm glad I didn't just imagine the connections)!

  5. I'm enjoying the Perec a lot so far. And this post and the comments so far has to be one of the funniest things I've read in the last few weeks. Thanks for reminding us all that we're bloggers, and can as such say whatever we want!! :)

  6. Hola, Richard!
    Qué bueno que disfrutaste de tu paseo por buenos aires y te fuiste con buenos libros. En la próxima visita pasá por parque rivadavia, que hay de todo y más, y barato.
    Respecto a Perec, aquí anoté algo que quizá sea útil en tu lectura.

  7. What? Really? Perec is reminiscent of Bolaño??? *plotz*

    But anything recommended by Three Percent has to be good.

  8. *Sarah: Glad you're enjoying the Perec and the budget comedy here. And although I tend to prefer polite people in general, I do look forward to a "mean Frances" post or two now that she's been corrupted, ha ha!

    *Ever: Hola y mil gracias por mandarme ese post tuyo sobre Perec. ¡Qué interesante! Para la próxima visita a Baires, sí quiero descubrir el Parque Rivadavia y las librerías de viejo en general, pues gracias por la sugerencia. Y, por supuesto, te invitaré tomar un café o un chopp. ¡Un abrazo!

    *E.L. Fay: Yes, it would seem Bolaño and Perec were very similar in some ways in the way they strung their stories together. More info later perhaps. Hope you'll be reading along with us again this time around since I think there'll be a lot of fun angles to discuss!

  9. Lo leiste en Ingles , españoly frances?.
    El secuestro no se puede leer en español. Las cosas es notable y la vida instrucciones de uso , lo puedo leer en un compacto anagrama

  10. *Hola Leox: Estoy leyendo La vida instrucciones de uso en inglés porque es bastante grueso, pero estoy pensando en leer El secuestro en francés antes del fin del año (mi francés es bastante malo pero "suficiente" para leer). ¿Estás un aficionado de Perec? ¡Saludos!

    *Hola Katrina: Thanks! ¡Que viven las Putas asesinas, je je! ¡Saludos!

  11. Leí hace unos años las cosas y me gusto mucho , despues intente con el secuestro y no pude.
    La vida instrucciones de uso , la tengo en compacto anagrama.
    Me gustan los juegos narrativos de Perec y compañia