martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010


The Mummies, "Justine"

a little lo-fi r&r for my Cairo Trilogy peeps
(play loud)

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  1. Hmm. Sounds like Homicide, but looks like Nash the Slash. But what do I know -- I didn't read the book.

  2. Cannot scan my Google Reader account in front of my 10 year old. You are corrupting him. He loved this video, and also gets a big laugh out of the fact that you deliberately put ugly men in your banner to annoy me and Jill. Grrrrr.

  3. I like to imagine that this performance is a comment on Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet, in which it is probably fair to say that Justine "just don't treat him right" where "him" is any man in the series. But it probably just a bunch of punk rockers wrapped in torn-up sheets. Pretty fun, either way!

  4. Frances - truly! And where are the women in the banner? I only remember one - Lisbeth Salander....

  5. Bwahahah...! The antics of the singer are something else. :)

    And what are you gals talking about - Garcia Marquez is a cutie!

  6. *Isabella: Since you were the first to comment on this musical interlude post, please consider yourself an honorary member of the readalong whether or not you lift the pages of any of the three books!

    *Frances: Your 10 year old son has impeccably good taste and a fine sense of humor to boot. In related news, I think I've finally found my target demographic for the international fiction/garage rock blog I've been dreaming of since 5 minutes ago!

    *Emily: Thanks for reminding me--how could I have ever forgotten about that Mummies/Durrell link you mention?!? I've actually pawed over Justine multiple times in the bookstore and hope to get to the quartet next year. Anyhow, loved that close reading of the lyrical content you provided!

    *Jill: I'm sorry to admit that the lack of women in the banner has to do with the lack of female authors in my reading diet--a sad but true confession. On the other hand, it's not like Sigrid Undset and Margo Lanagan make me regret the genderfail all that much either...

    *Sarah: Yeah, I love it when the singer swipes the extra mic at the end. A class act! By the way, the García Márquez-with-shiner header wasn't up yet when Frances and Jill were griping--I think they were complaining about the Naguib Mahfouz as a scrawny old man photo, which once again wasn't beefcake enough for those two. Like every good writer looks like George Clooney and me, right? :D