viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

June Foreign Film Festival and World Cinema Series Links

Un chien andalou, 1929
(dir. by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí)

Thanks to all of you who have joined Caroline and me in her World Cinema Series and my Foreign Film Festival this year.  I hope you're all enjoying the movie talk!  For those who haven't yet participated but think you might might like to, please note that joining in on the fun couldn't be easier.  Just write-up a review of one or more foreign films that you've watched this month ("foreign" meaning the director's country of birth or residence is different from your own) and then send us the link(s) to your post(s) via comments form or e-mail.  I'll add the info below during the course of the month and Caroline will do the same over at her blog.

A Special Announcement
Stu of Winstonsdad's Blog and I will be hosting a "watchalong" of Carlos Saura's 1976 Spanish drama Cría cuervos on the weekend of Friday, July 6th thru Sunday, July 8th as part of the Spanish Lit Month festivities mentioned elsewhere.  The film is available as a Criterion Collection DVD and carried by Netflix here in the States and comes highly recommended by yours truly--though I hope you won't hold that against it!  Anyway, if you care to participate in the watchalong, just post your review of the film during the weekend in question and then let me know.  Group read-like discussions of the movie will take place at participating blogs  throughout that weekend.  Should be fun--hope you can join us.

June Foreign Film Reviews
  • Manuela Sáenz (dir. Diego Rísquez, Venezuela, 2001; reviewer: Guy Savage)
  • Melancholia (dir. Lars von Trier, Denmark, 2011; reviewer: Caroline)
  • The Faithful River [Wierna rzeka] (dir. Tadeus Chmielewski , Poland, 1987; reviewer: Dwight)

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  1. Watched the extraordinary Uncle Boonmee Can Remember His Past Lives last week and really ought to write about it.

    1. Jeremy, I would love to see a review from you about that. Sounds wild!

    2. I am afraid though that all I would be able to say about it is "watch it, it's mysterious" which can get a little old with repetition.

  2. I'm hoping to watch "Cría cuervos" with you guys, but seeing as at the moment I can't even seem to get my book reviews written, I'm not going to make any promises. Anyway, I love myself some Saura, so hopefully it'll work out.

    1. Bettina, lack of time seems to be a common complaint for various blogging people of late. In any event, it'd be great to have you watch Cría cuervos with us if you're able to, esp. with you being a Saura fan and all. Cheers!