viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Sólo para tus ojos

Últimas tardes con Teresa, de Juan Marsé
(Debolsillo: Contemporánea)

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  1. Making my mind jump to "Últimas tardes en la tierra" -- any relationship, do you think?

    1. Are you talking about Bolaño's Last Evenings on Earth by any chance, Jeremy? If so, maybe--Bolaño was a big fan of the Marsé novel and calls Marsé an "exceptional writer" in Between Parentheses. Me, I just thought the cover was really cool!

    2. Very true, a nice cover. I was misremembering Bolaño's title though, it is "Últimos atardeceres en la tierra".

    3. The beginnings of those titles are easily-confused in español, so I thought that's what might have happened. :D