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Iggy and the Stooges vs. Céline Dion

Although I was thinking about writing a particular book-related post tonight, truth be told I wasn't really all that geeked up about it.  Fortunately, Simon of Savidge Reads kind of threw down a non-book entertainment gauntlet earlier today by posting about his Desert Island Discs and inviting other bloggers to join him in submitting a post about eight of their favorite songs.  Suffice it to say that I couldn't resist this procrastinatory challenge!  If you want to play along, check out Simon's blog and comment over there if you end up creating a similar post of your own.  Also, please let me know, too.  Because while I suspect that most U.S. book bloggers would end up listing either "Candle in the Wind" or a Céline Dion song among their all-time favorites based on the books that they review, I really do look forward to seeing which tracks you might choose--as well as which Barney and Raffi numbers get selected by the  YA contingent, of course!  In the meantime, here's my mix tape:

1) THE SONICS-"Cinderella" (1966)
Archetypal '60s punk from the Pacific Northwest

2) CHANTAL GOYA-"Laisse-moi" (1966)
French yé-yé queen and Masculin Féminin actress

3) ANDRE WILLIAMS-"Jail Bait" (1957)
A cautionary tale from one of the all-time dirty-minded/mouthed R&B mofos

4) RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS-"I'm Your Man" (1978)
A lyrical turn from the NYC legend (and fellow Richard) who might have invented punk rock with his "PLEASE KILL ME" t-shirt alone

5) THE UNDERTONES-"Teenage Kicks" (1978)
One of the best pop songs ever from Northern Ireland...or anywhere

6) ELASTICA-"Stutter" (1995)
Anglophilia and literature is pretty tired; Anglophilia and Justine Frischmann is totally understandable!

7) OBLIVIANS-"Christina" (1996)
Memphis goners what perfected the two guitars-and-drums lineup invented by Hound Dog Taylor (i.e. bass is for hippies)

8) IGGY AND THE STOOGES-"Raw Power" (1973)
Bitchslapped all of E.L. Fay's "black metal" favorites way before she and they were even born

9) THE VELVET UNDERGROUND-"Sister Ray" pt.1 & pt. 2 (1968)
Aural "rabbit brain soup with duck liver" selected merely to appease rock/roll gourmet Jill from Rhapsody in Books

Oops, I got nine songs here instead of eight.  [Cough] Now how did that happen?!?

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  1. The Celine Dion "fuck you bloggers" in a long line of fuck yous. Congratulations! Now their "why does Richard hate us" befuddlement can give way to knitted brows over the content of your favorite songs list. Most interesting to me though. Going authentic punk here where I would go derivative but I get it. Can't wait to see the comments. Jill should be in rare form for this.

  2. Ah, Frances, that post was totally worth it just for your comment alone! Priceless. I'll be going to sleep now if I can just stop laughing, thanks!!!

  3. Staggeringly good mix tape: never heard of Chantal Goya, but that aside I want to listen to that mix now. The Elastica is a particularly juicy choice: such an underrated band

  4. Great list Richard and you are right musically we are very different and yet not sooo much books wise... well a bit. I had never thought whether or not people who like the same books as me would love the same music... interesting thoughts may come from that.

  5. An interesting list richard ,near my own taste than simons list first couple new to me ,think I may post a list later in the week lol ,teenage kicks peels favourite record ,all the best stu

  6. *Anthony: Glad you liked the sound of it--wasn't even sure how many bloggers would know of some of these bands given the music comments I see from time to time on various blogs! I saw Elastica twice, once on their debut US tour and once on their farewell US tour, and fell in love with Justine Frischmann both times. What charisma/style/looks she had and the songwriting chops, too!

    *Simon: Well, we're definitely closer book-wise than music-wise, that's for sure! Anyway, thanks for the visit and thanks again for cooking up such a swell non-trad book post idea. I hope lots of others wind up playing along at some point because it'd be interesting to see what choices people come up with!

    *Stu: Thanks, I'll look forward to seeing your list if you ever get around it (I already know that you and I have some music in common from your profile). And I have to tell you that I had a blast making my first mix tape in ages! Don't know that I could say I have a favorite song ever myself, but I always liked Peel's choice and would often think, "Ok, that's a choice I can understand at least!" Cheers!

  7. God I had the hots for Justine Frischmann back in the 90s. I've heard that another song on my high school Brit-pop soundtrack (Pulp's "Common People") was based on her, but don't know if it's true. And I've been looking everywhere for Chantal Goya ever since David & I watched Masculin Feminin a few years ago. Maybe I will find a disc of hers in France.

    You're right that this is a righteous procrastination exercise. I'm tempted to put one up too, especially since I'm in the midst of a 500-page French language book & won't be done for some time. Mine would have one Beatles song on it, though, I warn you in advance... ;-)

  8. Emily, so I wasn't the only one who had the hots for Justine Frischmann back in the pre-blogging '90s? You're messing with my fantasy now, ha ha! I hope you really do post on this desert island disc idea, though, b/c I'd be way curious to see what you'd list, Beatles or not. P.S. I have at least two really good early Chantal Goya CDs--will e-mail you some info about them later.

  9. Emily, now you have me wondering what Beatles song that would be. Post or spill! :)

  10. Frances, my prediction for Emily's Beatles track: "Rocky Raccoon" off The White Album. I will then counter with something off Ciccone Youth's The Whitey Album. Oh, yeah, I already picked my songs, damn. Hey, you should play this game, too, you know!

  11. Whoa, we have pretty similar taste in music! Totally with you on your Stooges and Richard Hell picks, and I am currently OBSESSED with ye-ye!

  12. Emily Jane, that's so funny! Wasn't sure there were all that many Richard Hell fans hiding out there, y'know? Yé-yé is easy to obsess about, though, I hear ya!! Take care...