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March and April Movie Review Links

Alain Delon in Jean-Pierre Melville's 1967 Le Samouraï
Thanks to the kindness of Novroz of Polychrome Interest who was good enough to remind me recently that there's supposed to be a Foreign Film Festival or something going on at Caravana de recuerdos this year (note: I'm calling it the Foreign Film Festival again although participants may submit reviews from international or domestic movies as they see fit), I'll make every effort to contribute a movie post or two to the event this month after two-months of hardcore slacking on that front in February and March.  It'd of course be nice if anybody else would like to join us for some film chat in lieu of whining about how Amazon is contributing to the decline and fall of Western civilization by taking over Goodreads, but I'll leave that to you to vote your conscience so to speak.  In the meantime, here's one movie review link from Novroz from March with more links from others from March and April hopefully coming soon.
March and April Movie Reviews

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  1. I love Melville's movies! The Red Circle is my favourite, with Delon and the great Gian Maria Volontè! One of the most intense crime thrillers ever made, with an unforgettable 30-minute long silent heist sequence.

  2. I'd have to watch them all again to decide for sure, Miguel, but I think Le Cercle rouge would be in a three-way tie for first with Le Samouraï and Army of Shadows among all the Melville movies I've seen so far. Love that heist sequence you mention--that's one of my all-time favorite film sequences, in fact!