domingo, 22 de julio de 2018

Spanish and Portuguese Lit Months 2018: 7/15-7/21 Links

David Hebblethwaite, David's Book World

Grant, 1streading's Blog
The Return by Dulce Maria Cardoso

JacquiWine, JacquiWine's Journal
Football in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano

John, The Modern Novel
Sinfonía desde el nuevo mundo [Symphony from the New World] by Germán Espinosa

Juliana Brina, the [blank] garden
Angélica Freitas (profile and bibliography)
A woman with exposed bricks (poems by Angélica Freitas)
Ana Guadalupe (profile and bibliography)
To wrap up this new body of mine (poems by Ana Guadalupe)
Carol Bensimon (profile and bibliography)
All we see is a haze (on Sinuca embaixo d'água by Carol Bensimon)

Michael Kitto, Knowledge Lost
The Seven Madmen by Roberto Arlt
August by Romina Paula
Faces in the Crowd by Valeria Luiselli

Pat, South of Paris Books
A Manuscript of Ashes by Antonio Muñoz Molina
A General Theory of Oblivion by José Eduardo Agualusa

Richard, Caravana de recuerdos
Inquietudes sentimentales by Thérèse Wilms Montt
Requiem: A Hallucination by Antonio Tabucchi

Stu, Winstonsdad's Blog
The Taker and Other Stories by Rubem Fonseca
Sergeant Getulio by João Ubaldo Ribeiro
They Won't Take Me Alive by Claribel Alegría

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  1. Wow, an impressive list of reviews! As ever, it's nice to see a number of readers and bloggers getting involved. Thanks for including a link to my Football in Sun and Shadow piece, much appreciated.

    1. Yeah, we seemed to pick up a lot of steam last week despite Stu's and my sort of low key publicity build-up to the event this year. Thanks so much for your Galeano review, Jacqui; that was one of the more fun pieces (for me) that I've seen so far this month!

  2. One more link,